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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Eye Exams in Kitchener, ON

Comprehensive Vision Care for Adults & Seniors

Eye exams are important at all stages of life, particularly as we get older. Regular eye examinations allow your optometrist to gain clarity into your eye health. By attending regular eye exams, we can monitor small changes and subtle developments in your eyes to best understand whether your vision is at risk, and if so, what preventative measures may be taken.

Early intervention for many ocular conditions can be helpful for retaining optimal vision.

Protecting Your Eye Health

Unfortunately, the risk of developing eye diseases only increases as our eyes mature. What is more concerning is that many causes of eye diseases do not present symptoms until vision loss has already begun.

This means that there may not be warning signs for vision loss. Usually, once eye diseases have progressed to the point of vision loss, the consequences are irreversible. Even if this is the case, Visual Sense Eye Care can help with enhancing or making the most of what vision you do have.

When To Have Your Eyes Examined

It is recommended that individuals under the age of 65 years have their eyes examined every 2 years. Individuals aged 65 and over should have their eyes examined once every year.

Anyone, regardless of age, with underlying eye health issues or binocular vision issues should have their eyes examined at least once a year. More frequent eye exams may be necessary at the recommendation of your optometrist. Discuss with Dr. Polonenko how frequently your ocular health and visual functioning should be assessed.

The Value of Vision

Many people take their vision for granted, simply because we are so used to having it. We use our vision every day for almost everything we do – from checking our social media accounts, to travelling (whether walking or driving), to preparing dinner, to doing computer work – even choosing our clothing.

We also use our vision for tasks that increase our quality of life in more subtle ways. These can include things like reading our favourite books, watching TV, or watching theatrical performances, and the ability to recognize the faces of those we love. While it is possible to still enjoy art and other hobbies, people with poor quality of vision may find simple tasks are challenging.

Our vision plays a major role in our well-being. At Visual Sense Eye Care, we look at the whole picture, including how we can help you use your vision in the tasks you want or need to do. Book your eye exam today.

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