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Sports Vision Enhancement

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Train Your Visual System for Better Athletic Performance

Most sports involve some element of visual skills. And while many of us work on our strength, speed, and agility to improve our sports performance, most of us consider our vision to be a constant, not realizing that it too can be enhanced.

The truth is that your visual system could be a source of significant untapped athletic potential.

Dr. Tanya Polonenko is a highly respected optometrist who has an intimate knowledge of vision therapy and vision training. She works with athletes at every level to help train and improve their visual performance.

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How Does Vision Affect Athletic Skills?

People rely on their vision more than any other sense, and our senses inform our athletic performance. We use visual information to determine where to run, when to stop, and how to aim.

But vision also influences more subtle elements of sport, like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and reaction times. Your physical strength, speed, and agility are, of course, important. However, you are unlikely to win any physical contest if your brain takes too long to process visual information.

What Is Sports Vision Enhancement?

Sports vision enhancement is a special treatment designed to strengthen an athlete’s visual system. Each treatment program is custom-built to suit the athlete’s individual visual needs and optimize their performance for their sport of choice.

The length of the treatment plan varies from person to person, and can include a range of instruments, exercises, and games.

Professional Athletes Rely on Sports Vision Enhancement

The use of vision therapy to enhance athletic performance is not new. In fact, elite professional athletes often receive sports vision training, sometimes as a mandated part of their regular training regimen.

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