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Vision Therapy Diagnostic Exams

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Assessing Your Visual Needs

Effective vision therapy is completely personalized to your unique situation. Before we can help you find visual success, we must first evaluate all the elements of your visual system. A vision therapy diagnostic exam highlights any areas of weakness or delay, telling us which course of treatment is right for you.

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How Does a Vision Therapy Diagnostic (Visual Functional Skills and Perceptual-Motor) Exam Differ From an Eye Exam?

Most people assume that, if their eye exam did not identify a vision problem, they must not have any issues with their visual system. A comprehensive eye exam is focused on visual acuity and ocular health and screens for potential issues with the functioning of the visual system as a whole. 

However, there are vision problems that go undetected by, or require a more in-depth evaluation than what is covered in a comprehensive eye exam.

A vision therapy diagnostic exam evaluates different elements of your visual system, and the visual functioning of your visual system as a whole. These elements include your ability to perceive, intake, process, and retain visual information. We use a variety of tests to determine the strength of your visual skills, like eye teaming (the eyes’ ability to work together) and eye tracking (the eyes’ ability to follow an object).

With a vision therapy diagnostic exam, we can tell you if you have a vision problem, where that problem stems from, and what kind of therapeutic treatment will be most effective for you.

Do I Need a Vision Therapy Diagnostic Exam?

If you or your child suspect that something is not quite right visually, but a comprehensive eye exam indicates your eyesight is normal, with or without a refractive correction, we recommend scheduling a vision therapy diagnostic exam. We also strongly suggest you book an assessment with us if you or your child have:

  • Struggled with learning & retaining new information
  • Been diagnosed with learning disabilities (ADHD, Global Delay, ASD, Down Syndrome, etc.)
  • Recently suffered from a concussion
  • Struggled with athletic performance
  • Have an eye turn/strabismus

What’s the Difference Between Eyesight & Vision?


The term “eyesight” refers to your eye’s ability to refract light properly onto the retina at the back of the eye. This is looking at how small you can see, or your visual acuity (20/20).


The term “vision” refers to the way the eyes and brain work together to gather, process, and interpret visual information.

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